We tend to forget that our donors are people. They are not only people but the means by which your organization functions and they deserve to be thanked for it. So this Valentine’s Day we recommend making it about them and showing them the love. We’ve come up with 7 ways to heart them this V-Day and every day.

Email Valentines

Be the first email that your donors see tomorrow morning. Instead of including a plug for your next project or trying to get them sign up for a monthly donation, just tell them thanks and that you love them and what they do for your nonprofit.

Hand-Written Notes

Who doesn’t love a handwritten note? Everyone, loves receiving personalized messages in the mail! Go the old-fashioned route and buy some red construction paper and markers and put together a Valentines making committee! It’s a fun way for your staff to spend an afternoon and makes your donors feel loved! If it’s too late in the game for you to get them out in time for the big day, that’s okay, just send a regular

thank you note, they’ll love that too.

Thank You Video

Post a thank you video on your site of staff thanking all your donors for their invaluable aid. If it doesn’t violate confidentiality laws and your organization works with people, include them in the video so donors can see the amazing things their money does first hand! Also send this video to your donors via email and post it on your social media platforms.

Phone Call Love Squad 

Get together staff to make Valentine’s Day calls to all of your donors. Consider expanding your call list to include volunteers, interns and others who help support all of the amazing work that your nonprofit does.

Get Them Involved

Give donors special privileges at unique volunteer events. Donors are giving you money because they support what you do and they want to be a part of it. Plan a volunteer event specifically for your donors so that they can get their hands dirty! Let them snap some pics and have a great time.

Show Donors Their Impact

Donors want to know that their money is helping. This Valentine’s Day, send out an impact report just to say thanks and you love all that  they help you do. Make sure donor impact is also available on your site so that donors know that what they give is valuable and that their donation matters for your nonprofit.

Small Donor Events

Plan small donor events to just say thank you. Start planning it now and send out your save the dates on Valentine’s Day and clarify that it is NOT about fundraising.It’s about saying thank you and showing them the love.


Your donors are essential to your nonprofit’s success and you need to cultivate those relationships. Long-term donor retention is the best way to fundraise effectively and is the gift that keeps on giving. Reaching out to your donors only to get money is a sure fire way to lose valuable relationships. So c’mon, nonprofit world, all you need is love.

Please reach out to us if you have any comments or questions. We love hearing from you! 


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