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As a nonprofit, your focus should not only be on directing possible donors to your donation page but also providing them with a clear, simple, and exciting donating experience. Your goal as an organization is to have all those who have reached your donation page follow through and complete the action, right? After all, your […]

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There’s no doubt that we’re living in the information age. With everything readily available to us, we expect instant gratification when seeking information. Taking the time to comb through blogs and search results can be daunting, but quicker solutions are available to us. Social media — namely, Twitter — is the quickest and simplest source […]

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There’s no denying how important Facebook is to your organization, social media strategy, and probably even your personal life. Facebook is so integrated into society that nowadays pretty much everyone has one — along with an email, phone number, and social security number. We even use it as a verb to add us on the […]

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10 SEO Experts to Follow Today

February 23, 2017, by Sara Lowe

When seeking advice on how to improve your SEO, there’s a lot of wanna-be experts out there who want to sell your their services. It is very possible that you could pay an “SEO expert” a hefty fee to just have your SEO go terribly wrong. Imagine you’re a nonprofit that helps provide clean water […]

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Roundup of Top Nonprofit Conferences in 2017

February 8, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Hey #nptech world! We’ve decided to make our first roundup of 2017 all about nonprofit conferences – great learning experiences that can teach you how your nonprofit can make a greater impact in your community! Here you will find 30 conferences that take place around the country covering a variety of topics – everything from […]

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