Best Nonprofit Websites



Why do we like it?

Acumen’s unique approach to their organization is mirrored in this unique website. Isolating the slant from the A in Acumen, they created a comprehensive design featuring the slant as a simple way to tie together the full website. And simple is what they needed. As an organization, they invest millions into impoverished communities in order to create lasting change to economies worldwide. This complicated process is laid out simply on their website. From an easy to navigate menu to perfectly descriptive actions and impacts pages, Acumen made a complex topic simple and easy to understand.

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Why do we like it?

Upstream is an organization that empowers local change-makers with the resources they need to grow and create larger change throughout their community. The goal of Upstream’s website? To inspire you to join the cause. This site takes the user on a journey, using animations, colors, and images to encourage further exploration. Each section of their homepage is armed with an enticing call-to-action, always ready to take you onwards once something has caught your interest. The further you scroll, the more interactive the site becomes. With every detail meticulously designed throughout the site, Upstream created a beautiful site to represent their beautiful mission.

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Children International


Why do we like it?

If any organization’s website emits a strong sense of empathy, it’s Children International. This global organization creates sponsorship opportunities for children in third-world communities. Their Change the Story for… box connects visitors immediately with the face and the life of the child that your donation will go towards. Visitors immediately feel personally connected to the organization and understand what a contribution could do. To help their visitors make the decision to give, their educational resources on global poverty are easy to digest and share, and their impact page ties together visuals, stories, and statistics to easily understand the power of their organization and your donation.

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Why do we like it?

ASPCA is here to hit you in the heartstrings with their nonprofit website. No one can sign onto this page and not want to adopt the adorable pups looking for a home. This bold, visual website has straightforward paths to their high traffic pages, yet allows you to dive deep into their organization through their secondary heading. Encompassing a healthy balance of education and action, the ASPCA’s dynamic website serves something for everyone.

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5. WCS

Why do we like it?

The Wildlife Conservation Society fights for one thing, wildlife, and there’s no confusion when you reach their site. Take a trip into nature on their homepage, which greets you with beautiful wilderness shots, inviting you to learn more about what their organization is up to, and follows up with the science, education, and resources that delve into the WCS. Their easy to follow sidebar menu leads you to every corner of the organization, including seamless transitions to their extended library and opportunities to get involved. With their natural color scheme and sophisticated user interface, the WCS’s website envelopes the heart of their organization.

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Humane Society


Why do we like it?

The Humane Society’s website consists of exactly as you would expect it to, teaching our society how to be humane. No page was left behind when it came to designing their website. Their homepage features a visual banner with relevant educational information and a well-placed introductory video. The How You Can Help page providing many options for any interested visitor to make a difference. The Our Impact page leaves a lasting impact on anyone who ventures to it. But the big star? Their Our Big Fights page – a powerful and visual way to quickly share their biggest fights to their visitors with ease.

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Why do we like it?

Nashville Zoo’s primary goal is to inform the public about visiting and supporting the zoo, with front page information about the hours, location and New at the Zoo exhibits. Take a peak a little further down the page and you’ll find the behind the scenes of the zoo’s real impact, from conservation, research, habitat protection, and education. Making great use of nature-oriented background graphics supporting highlighted images of the animals they fight for, their website makes an unforgettable impact on any visitor.

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International Rescue Committee


Why do we like it?

It’s difficult for an organization whose mission is to help any humanitarian crisis happening worldwide to encompass all of their incredible work into one website – but that’s exactly what the International Rescue Committee has done. Their homepage heading prominently features their most critical crisis, easily adjusted as dire needs shift. Just below the fold, they feature a comprehensive but brief overview of their organization’s impact, leaving no question to the breadth of their work. From cohesive branding to powerful images, the IRC’s website represents professionalism, trustworthiness, and the immense power of their impact.

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Special Olympics


Why do we like it?

When you land on the Special Olympics’ website, you immediately join the celebration, which is exactly what the games are all about: celebrating the abilities of the differently-abled athletes. After the warmest of welcomes into their community, the site introduces you to their biggest mission – The Revolution is Inclusion, which educates and provides resources and stories about this important topic. Their comprehensive Get Involved header provides a streamlined user experience, while also providing educational resources and life changing stories that will leave any visitor inspired.

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10. MET

Why do we like it?

Over the years, the Met has become a national icon, an incredible location to house the world’s greatest artistic treasures. Their website depicts just that. Their branding is simple, yet effective, a bold red header and footer, which leaves the rest of the page for the art to speak for itself. A video banner invites you in, depicting what a visit to the Met would consist of. Their forefront call to action of Plan Your Visit, has everything from locations, admissions options, and what your day in the Met could look like. The rest of the website’s content uses a mix of modern and classic design elements, tying together two key aspects of the Met.

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No matter what nonprofit sector you work in, we’ve put together a gallery of various high-quality design options for you to get inspired and discover the perfect layout for your organization. Continue exploring or check out our other resources below!