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Need some web design inspiration? We’ve created a gallery to showcase the 200 top nonprofit websites and help you generate ideas for your own organization.

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The 200 Best Nonprofit Websites




This is the space where nonprofits and web design meet. No matter what your nonprofit’s niche may be, we’ve put together a gallery of various high-quality design options for you to get inspired and discover the perfect layout for your organization.

Best Nonprofit Websites of 2017

Animal nonprofit organizations advocate for animal rights, welfare, and protection. Veterinary services, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries all fit into this website category.

Nonprofit's dedicated to children and youth strive to improve the lives of these individuals through empowerment, development and education. These nonprofits work with a diverse population of varying socio-economic status, race, backgrounds, etc.

Education nonprofits go beyond just schools. Educational nonprofits are dedicated to encouraging positive learning environments and healthy intellectual development throughout the human lifespan both inside and outside the classroom. Student organizations, after school clubs, parent/teacher groups, scholarships, special education institutions, libraries, and adult learning courses all fit into this category. Art nonprofits work alongside the education sector to further the artist's work. They promote visual and performing arts as well as the creative processes.

Environmental issues are an ever so pressing topic around the world today. From recycling systems to climate change to rainforest control, environmental/conservation organizations concentrate on ways to raise awareness for preservation, sustainability, development, and appreciation for our planet.

The nonprofit healthcare sector provides a wide range of medical services for both the body and mind. Mental health, crisis services and hotlines, substance abuse and treatment programs, and medical/disease research and/or foundations working to find a cure all fit under this website category.

International nonprofits implement agendas with a focus on issues of global concern. Many are headquartered in one country, and execute their work in another. Peace and conflict resolution, international understanding, relief and development all fit into this website category.

Religious groups or organizations include the houses of worship of the world’s many faiths as well as the individual programs or projects these religions may pursue in order to advance their goals.

In many ways, social service nonprofits are the core of the industry. They are what comes to mind when you hear the word “nonprofit.” Social services are any program or project that serves people. These services provide advocacy for children/ women, feed the hungry, give housing to the homeless, offer disaster relief assistance, etc.

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