It is a known fact that the combination of pictures, music, and words sparks imagination and emotion in the human body. In a study done by HubSpot, they found that 78% of people watch online videos once a week. A pretty solid indication as to why nonprofit videos are a great tool to engage supporters, volunteers, and donors.

When compared to other forms of online content, nonprofit videos have a very promising viral potential. Within just a few moments, videos take viewers on a journey inside your organization while granting them the experience of captivating real-life stories through vision and sound.

Here is a list of various nonprofit videos that we’ve put together for you to take a look at- highlighting why they work.

Illustrate your mission:

Pencils of Promise is an organization that assures educational opportunities for all. They do this by building schools, offering scholarships and teacher support within communities in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua. Their nonprofit video is simple and straight to the point. It gets their mission heard and visually exposed through images and dialogue. More importantly, it gets your feet wet by learning more about the organization.

Tell your story:

Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization that raises money and awareness for pediatric cancer,  is a great example of a nonprofit video that clearly shares their foundations story. As a viewer you see first hand how the organization got started, has grown, and where they stand today thanks to the help of their supporters. Several key players within the organization narrate what ALSF means to them which in turn connects you to the symbolism behind the foundation’s name.

Different than Alex’s Lemonade Stand, this video by Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, tells the compelling story of James and Emily’s family experience with this organization. Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is a place where seriously ill children and their families can escape their daily lives and enjoy what camp has to offer. In the video, you hear what the parents, sister, and camper herself have to say about their time at camp. This gives the viewer a full perspective of the organization’s impact through the joy of the beneficiaries. The video is sincere, engaging, and overall draws you into what the organization offers.

Raise awareness:

When it comes to video length, there are no requirements. In fact, it is more important that one address the issue effectively, than worry about the time. Greenpeace, an organization that works to promote peace and change the way we behave with the environment, has done just that. Their video is short and sweet. It uses minimal but extremely powerful words and imagery to drive their cause.

Get informed:

Not all videos need to tell a sad story to engage their audience members. It is okay to use visual content to teach your viewers the important information pertaining to your cause. This nonprofit, End Cyberbullying does just that- informs their listeners with the vital facts and figures regarding cyber bullying. Although it may not consist of beautiful images and video footage it does what it needs to do- which is educate their public.

Do something:

Feeding America is an organization that works with food banks all around the country to provide food services to Americans in need. Their video, “Together we can solve hunger” puts the pressing issue of hunger at the forefront of your mind generating an intrinsic need to do something about it.

This touching story follows a young girl, Eva who is fighting to get her voice heard. Throughout the video, you hear both Eva and her father speak about her attempt to reach out to the government for clean water never receiving a reply. It is clear that Eva is an adamant young woman looking for a response. Stand with Eva not only states its purpose but allows you the viewer to understand your role as well. This video makes your job as the audience member simple, there is a link to click and help sign the petition, challenging you to rise up and take action.

Our lives matter is a Nonprofit PSA, working to address issues of social justice that may otherwise go unnoticed, through a multimedia outlet. With a goal of reaching the hearts and minds of the global community, this video does just that. Each character’s personal anecdote is a powerful piece to the puzzle. This influential PSA helps break down social stereotypes and advocate for change. It does a great job of honing in on the emotional aspect leaving you ready to be a part of the social justice movement.

Celebrate your accomplishments-

What better way to show off what you have achieved than through a celebratory video! After 5 years of uniting girls to change the world, Girl Up provides their supporters, donors, and members with this joyful video capturing the highlights of the past 5 years. This video puts a smile on the audience members faces while leaving them excited for what’s to come!

The title of this video says it all- “100 Million Lives Impacted.” Wow, what a milestone to applaud. No matter what the accomplishment may be, it is definitely worth letting your public know. For those who are donating, volunteering, and/or following your nonprofit’s projects it is crucial to share these moments with them. Achievements energize and motivate your supporters to engage in your nonprofit’s future projects.

Inspire your audience:

This incredible video, 4 -Year- Old Bucket List, from the nonprofit Water is Life leaves you speechless. It is beautifully crafted, highly thought out, clearly stated, and without a doubt inspirational.

“Without Keep a Child Alive, we would not exist.” This extremely powerful and inspirational statement made by one of the key players in the organization is alive throughout their video. When you hear something of that nature I think it is fair to say, you’re quickly inspired by the work the organization is doing.

As a nonprofit, your ability to connect with your supporters, members, volunteers, donors, and global community is crucial. No matter what your cause, story, or mission may be, videos are a highly effective way to spark inspiration and action in your audience members.

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