We’ve created a gallery to showcase our favorite 75 nonprofit logos in order to help you get inspiration for your own organization.

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Nonprofit Logo Design Process [Infographic]

How long does it take you to imagine these brands in your head? You can probably visualize their logos in an instant upon saying their names. That shows the power of a great logo. Over two thousand years ago, Aristotle said, “The soul cannot think without a picture.” Nonprofits need great imagery and well thought-out design bundled up in a small icon to represent their organization. This is how great logos are born. In this infographic, we will walk you through the 6 steps a designer takes in order to create a great nonprofit logo design. […]

The Nonprofit's Guide to Increase Online Donations

Fundraising – it’s an ever-present challenge for most nonprofits. Whether you’re focusing on specific events-based or campaign fundraising or accepting general donations, fundraising plays a crucial role in your organization by keeping your organization afloat, allowing you to expand your mission to include new audiences and programs, purchasing new equipment and updating technology, and even maintaining your daily operations, hard-working staff and offices.[…]