About Us

We are a full-service nonprofit web design agency.

Why NonprofitsWhy Nonprofits?

We began working with nonprofits in 2002 when we noticed there was void in high-quality web design services for organizations in the greater Washington D. C. area. What started as a primarily community-based effort has now evolved into what Elevation is today – a leading digital design agency with experience and expertise in developing websites for nonprofits.

Within the past 10+ years, we’ve had the great privilege of working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations. Here are a few of the benefits clients receive when they work with us:

  • Stronger relationships with donors, funders, and volunteers
  • Community involvement, awareness, and excitement around a cause
  • Growth in fundraising revenues and donations
  • Measurable change nationwide and in communities

Our ApproachOur Approach

At Elevation, we are united under one goal – provide quality digital solutions to nonprofit organizations so they can continue generating measurable change in their communities. In order to fulfill this mission, we have fostered a design process that is customized, flexible, and results-driven. Our clients receive fully functioning, efficient websites, and more. Your website is a tool and an integral part of fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission. When developed with the right team and ideas, you’ll be able to reach broader audiences transmitting greater positive change.

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Who We Are Who We Are

Each team member has a different story of how they started working for Elevation. For many of us, we’ve been involved in nonprofits and the web design industry for most of our professional careers. We come from unique backgrounds and are united by a desire to build quality websites for inspirational nonprofits.

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Recruitment Who We Serve

We have had the great privilege of working alongside hundreds of nonprofits over the last 10+ years. We’ve partnered with smaller grassroots organizations to multinational nonprofits and have designed websites for local community centers and national policy change initiatives. Discover the variety of nonprofits we’ve worked with and view some of our designs in action.

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