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Our Origin

We’re on a mission: Your Mission

At Elevation, we embrace the transformative power of technology to elevate your mission and vision for a more just, peaceful, and healthy world for all.

When Nate and Nicolas first started building websites together back in the early 2000s, they saw first-hand the immense power of the internet to spread ideas throughout the world. While other industries hopped on the technology bandwagon, our co-founders realized that at the time, the sector that would most benefit from the technology revolution was being left behind: nonprofits. Inspired by powerful nonprofit movements just waiting to be shared in the digital sphere, Nate and Nicolas started Elevation.

Doing More with less

Since our start in 2007, Elevation has grown from the living room table where we first began. Founded as a web design company specifically for the nonprofit and social sectors, our team was built knowing that here, we need to do more with less. We are like-minded and passionate individuals eager to contribute to a better future. Our team is always discovering new ways to help our clients make an even greater impact.

Now, with team members around the world, our small but powerful team has become a full-service agency. We value transparency with our prices and do what we can to make our services affordable. We partner with nonprofits whose values reflect the future we want to see in the world, those who celebrate diversity and accessibility and work towards a healthier planet earth. We make websites that mean something to the world and to our future.

At a Glance

Founded in 2007, our team of industry specialists is passionate about making the world a better place. We’ve grown to a full-service digital agency for nonprofit organizations and the social sector.

Nonprofit Digital500+ Nonprofits Served

From the brand new nonprofit to the well-established organization, we’ve worked alongside teams from nearly every sector.

Nonprofit StrategyPassionate & Devoted Team

Your dedicated project manager will guide your project to launch as your team of creatives, designers, and developers make your vision a reality.

Nonprofit Branding1 for 1 Matching Funds

Qualified nonprofits and social impact companies can apply to receive our professional quality technology services at the price point they need.

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Our Values

What we stand for: Our values dictate which missions we stand behind and guide us through business every day.

Celebrating Diversity

Our team members come from different backgrounds, professions, and countries. Our differences drive the innovation, creativity, and respect that defines our company culture.

Embracing Inclusion

We strive to make our work inclusive of all genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, and abilities both in process and final product. We elevate missions that do the same.

Learning Continuously

Our clients are the experts in their fields, while we are the experts in nonprofit technology and marketing. We prioritize expanding learning in our own field, while also learning from our nonprofit partners.

Going the extra mile

Our passion for both your mission and our own specialties drives us to go above and beyond to make your ideas come to life.

Our Team Who We Are

A dog-walker for an animal shelter; a grant writer for scholarship programs; a human rights advocate in international relations—these are just a few of the profiles you’ll encounter at Elevation.

We don’t just work with nonprofits – we work for them, too. Many of us are former nonprofit staff or volunteers, so we take the task of elevating your mission to heart.

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COO & Accessibility Director

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Design Production Lead

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Chief Technology Officer

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Senior Account Manager

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Customer Success Lead

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Frontend Developer

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Design Team Lead

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CX & Product Marketing

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Customer Success Developer

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Fullstack Developer

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Development Team Lead

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Online Marketing

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User Experience Designer

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Partnerships & Content Manager

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Online Marketing Lead

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Production Manager

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