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How do you grow your organization and its impact? How do you measure how effective you are at compelling your audience to take action?
Whether you seek to grow your supporter base or are launching a new website, nonprofit marketing is the answer to increasing your organization’s visibility. From awareness to advocacy to donating, marketing strategies strengthen your connection with your audience.
Nonprofit marketing is the toolbox for your communications strategy. See our plans below, or contact us to learn how we can help you develop a marketing strategic plan aligned to your budget and platform capabilities.
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Strategic Marketing Consultation

Offering highly customized consulting that targets your nonprofit’s current needs, our marketing experts will bring new expertise to your communications strategy. Working around your organizational goals and capacities, we’ll discover untouched audiences, execute new strategies, or test untried marketing mediums so you can take your mission to new heights. Possible deliverables include strategic marketing plan, channel execution, and budget proposal among other options. What could this look like for your organization?
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Google Ad Grant Management & SEM

Search is a powerful tool for spreading information, but also for identifying new supporters. Google Grants’ $10K in free Search Engine Marketing for nonprofits is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. Search Engine Marketing connects donors, volunteers, participants, and beneficiaries with your organization at the key moment that they are looking for a mission like yours. That might be when looking for information about a new health diagnosis, after a hurricane hits, signing up for a local 5k run, seeking a new church community, or on Giving Tuesday.
Our team members are certified in Google Ads and have the experience and expertise to execute successful campaigns. Together we’ll identify your objectives, regularly test results, and optimize the success of your ads.
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Nonprofit SEO

Your organization needs to appear in the first few results when people search for you by name, or you lose those supporters. And what of the educational content you produce, if your target audience never finds it?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires analysis against industry best practices and an understanding of how search algorithms operate. Our optimization strategies help our clients improve key aspects of their site in order to obtain the best results organically and avoid “black hat” (malpractice) SEO.
Our consultations begin with keyword analysis to discover how your nonprofit can distinguish itself in the online environment and build SEO into your site structure. We also offer ongoing services to help nonprofits manage search engines’ ever-changing rules and improve content ranking.
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Social Media Management

Social media is fundamental to every nonprofit’s communications strategy, but optimizing it can be challenging. From strategizing, to developing calendars, to keeping up with the latest features and image requirements, managing social media can be daunting. Our social media plans are designed to make the best of your resources and save you time.
Services include developing network-specific strategies, copywriting, scheduling, and sourcing images. Our team can create new accounts or optimize existing accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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What we stand for: We work only with organizations aligned with our values, and we embrace the transformative power of technology to elevate their missions and visions of a more just, peaceful, and healthy world.

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