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User Experience (UX)

You’re building more than a website; you’re creating a communal space for individuals to explore, learn, and participate in your nonprofit’s mission. Like an architect designing blueprints, User Experience (UX) delivers a website optimized for your organization’s goals and the needs of your users. How visitors interact with and experience your website is impacted by many elements, such as:

  • How easy it is to find the information they seek
  • How quickly they can complete their desired tasks
  • What additional content they discover
  • How the design and interactions make them feel

Good UX nudges your interested visitors to read the latest bulletin, sign up for an event, or make their donation monthly. Having built more than 500 nonprofit websites since 2007, we’re well-versed in nonprofit website best practices and how to apply them to your organization’s unique needs. From conducting usability research to designing user interface, user flows, and wireframes, our UX designers will optimize each interaction on your nonprofit website.

Your project will start with a discovery phase that compiles your site history, organizational stakeholders, design preferences, and content strategy. From there we’ll identify your user groups, construct user personas and navigation pathways, and create a sitemap and wireframes.
User Groups + Pathways


Beyond job roles or general demographics, UX begins with understanding your supporters’ desires, what their expectations are, how and why they connect with your organization, and what their preferences are for things like communication or payment. UX builds these considerations into your site design so that your community can easily complete tasks.

Sitemap + Wireframes


Websites that are user-friendly, with good information architecture and taxonomy, are ranked higher by search engines. Once your user pathways are defined, we develop a sitemap to lay out user pathways and create wireframes that develop the structure of your pages according to the established information architecture and taxonomy.

User Research


For more complex sites with many stakeholders, or for innovative projects, we recommend conducting usability research. Insightful results are gained from groups of 5-15 participants. We recruit participants for remote sessions using methodologies such as card sorting, tree testing, top tasks, heatmaps and more.

user persona deliverables
Goodness knows UX made it so much easier to work with the new website – both finding research on the front end and in the back end as well.”
Adrianne Standley Deputy Director of Campaigns Keystone Research Center & PA Budget and Policy Center

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