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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit’s Interior Pages

So we’ve talked homepages and donation experiences but it’s time to come to the end of our “anatomy of” series. We have had a ton of fun breaking down what goes into the creation of successful nonprofit web pages. But don’t fret, because today we are breaking down a couple different interior pages (and elements) ,with examples of course. We will cover impact, about us, bio, challenge and a bonus section on a rad video. Stay with us because we are almost through anatomy.


Jul 17, 2018 by Emma Wolfe

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page

In the second piece of our three-part “anatomy of” series, we are going to talk donation pages and overall donation experience. I know that a lot of your are hanging off the end of your seat in order to learn about what makes the “perfect donation” experience that gets your organization more dollar bills. Here’s the thing, the nicest and most effective donation experiences do involve the creation of custom (cough, cough added cost) pages. However, we are here to tell you that those pages are worth it. Thinking of your internal donation pages as an investment will seriously make all the difference. So what goes into a “donation experience”? Once again, we got you.


Jul 10, 2018 by Emma Wolfe

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Creating a website is not a quick and easy task. It can be challenging for a nonprofit with small team and limited resources but my experience with Elevation made it much simpler! I appreciated the team's organization and direction. I always felt like I knew what was happening next and what I needed to get done. The team was responsive and able to translate what we were looking for. I love our new site, it truly represents the professionalism and uniqueness of our social enterprise Pedal Revolution. Many thanks to Elevation!

Nancy Gallegos

Business Development Manager

Pedal Revolution

Nancy Gallegos - Pedal Revolution


YMCA Canandaigua is an organization that works to strengthen the community in Canandaigua, New York by offering a variety of Y programs to all regardless of age, income or background.  We partnered with them to design a nonprofit website to serve as a resource for those who live in Canandaigua. For an organization that relies heavily on their nonprofit website, we built them an easy-to-maintain and customized website that comes with, customized graphic design, high-quality security systems, and a SEO-compatible site.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

We partnered with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to design a nonprofit website to educate and provide resources to those living with dementia and their families. The website is search engine optimized and incorporates nonprofit web development features such as an interactive graphic design that supports and engages their community.