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Roundup of Top Nonprofit Conferences in 2017

February 8, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Hey #nptech world! We’ve decided to make our first roundup of 2017 all about nonprofit conferences – great learning experiences that can teach you how your nonprofit can make a greater impact in your community! Here you will find 30 conferences that take place around the country covering a variety of topics – everything from […]

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Did you know that messaging platform WhatsApp processes 30 billion messages a day, largely outnumbering the 23 billion SMS messages that are sent daily? What’s more, Facebook Messenger hit 900 million users last year, closing the gap with WhatsApp which had 1 billion users as of February 2016. Even though some predict that SMS is […]

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It is undeniable that as technology continues to advance, traditional payment methods are becoming increasingly out-of-date. This means that now, more than ever, your nonprofit is depending on easy-to-use online donation methods. It is crucial that your website display links to donate money by using clear and and attention-grabbing tools. One of the best ways […]

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SEO (search engine optimization) is the creation or improvement of content such that it becomes more visible in search engines, invites more organic search, and increases overall web traffic. As a nonprofit, you want visibility. The more you appear in search results, the more people know about you, your brand, your mission, and how they […]

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RFP writing can be a daunting and involved process. An RFP (or request for proposal) is a document your organization may create in order to seek services for a given task (think: a redesign for your nonprofit website). An RFP provides your organization with the opportunity to express its needs and find the person or […]

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