With the rise of social media, it is safe to say it has a powerful influence on your nonprofit’s communication/ marketing strategy. To successfully connect, interact, and increase your members/donors, a social media presence is key. Therefore, it is crucial that your organization is dominating the social media game.

Why is social media so beneficial to the nonprofit niche?

  1. It’s Easy- Quickly connect with your audience, supporters, and donors through a 140 character tweet, a picture on Instagram, or comment on Facebook.
  2. Drive Traffic- Most people will turn to your nonprofit’s website in order to find out more about the cause and how to get involved. Having your supporters like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or become a connection on LinkedIn provides an opportunity to appear on their daily feeds giving them a constant reminder of your organization.
  3. Expand Your Reach– When posting to any platform you’re exposing hundreds or even thousands of people to your cause. Your friends/ followers, your friends- friends/followers, your cousin’s friends/followers, are all aware of your mission.
  4. Better Storytelling- Memes, pictures, infographics are all easily digestible, engaging, and entertaining content that instantly goes viral.
  5. Gain Authority- Allows your nonprofit to demonstrate its knowledge and expertise in the field.

Social media is a valuable marketing and communication outlet that creates a space to inspire your supporters, members, and donors to interactively share your nonprofit’s mission and accomplishments.

We’ve put together a few helpful links to get your nonprofit booming in the social media world!

1. Snapchat:

2. Instagram:

 3. Twitter:

4. Facebook:

5. LinkedIn:

Your nonprofit’s presence on social media is vital in today’s online world. No matter which platforms your organization decides to use, make sure you are active and engaging. Your followers, supporters, and donors are relying on you for content and updates- so make sure to deliver!

If you have any posts that aren’t on the list, feel free to add them in the comments section!

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