Simply because the holidays have passed does not mean that the end-of-year energy need come to a halt. Don’t let your nonprofit miss out on the resolution buzz as you move full steam into January. New Year’s resolutions may not last all year, but they still present opportunities to be seized in the moment. Keep your donor and volunteer train rolling with these tips!

As the holiday season comes to a close, it is important to maintain the end-of-year momentum within our nonprofit organization. The start of a new year presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the resolution-making mindset and drive engagement from donors and volunteers. While New Year’s resolutions may not necessarily have a long-term impact, they can still provide valuable opportunities in the present. To ensure that your nonprofit organization is able to capitalize on these opportunities, we have compiled a list of tips to keep in mind as you move forward into January.



5K/ 10K Fundraiser

Everyone has “work out more” on their list of must-dos for the New Year. Make one of your fundraisers this year a 5K and start marketing it now. Get people to register while they are still in the fitness mindset so they can start training now. And even if their fitness goal doesn’t last, they will have already begun building teams and pushing those peer-to-peer fundraising efforts!


Work for Your Volunteers

People are looking for new ways to get things done at the beginning of the year and it is a perfect time to look for those with a generous spirit looking to do more good. You may think that because New Year’s resolutions don’t stick, these volunteers won’t either. But, if you create volunteer programs that are worth staying for and a welcoming environment, you’ll be grooming your next class of indispensable volunteers. Vamp up your recruiting efforts now to take full advantage of this window of opportunity.

Get Back to Your Roots3-2.png

Go back to your vision statement and use it as motivation for your donors. Impart this vision of your organization to those who are re-orienting their values and priorities for the better. Lining up your organization’s values with people who are looking to get more involved with a worthy cause will help you grow your supporter list.


Board Member Boom

If you are looking to fill a slot for a board member, start looking now. Like volunteers, potential board members are also setting resolutions at this time of year, and getting more heavily involved with the board of an inspiring nonprofit could be on their list of goals.


Optimize your Donation Forms and Website for the New Year1-6.png

It’s time to refresh your online giving requests; they’re looking tired from the holiday push.

Look to brand your site to align with New Year’s resolutions using language that targets individuals who have “give back” on their list of resolutions.

This is also a great time to push monthly giving. People may be more likely to sign up for a $30 recurring donation when they are still actively working on their resolutions.

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The Nonprofit Guide: How to Increase Online Donations


Keep the Ball Rolling  

Everyone is exhausted after the holiday push, but you’ll miss out on some serious opportunities this year by not capitalizing on this goal-setting season. Make it a productive one and start off strong!

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