As a social media platform, Facebook has continuously led the pack among businesses, nonprofits, and independent users. With around 167 million people logging on daily in the USA and Canada alone it is definitely fundamental that your nonprofit place importance on updating and maintaining your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

Due to its many years in the digital world, it’s easy to let the beneficial and practical uses of Facebook for your nonprofit slip through the cracks. Consequently leaving your page with less engagement- likes, shares, and comments than you were hoping for.

Below are a few easy Facebook uses for your nonprofit to take full advantage of.

1. Voice your mission:

Although you are technically speaking with your audience, followers, and “friends” through a virtual screen, Facebook is a great place to express the values of your organization. By default, your mission statement holds the responsibility of effectively communicating the totality of your organization in a clear and concise manner.

To accomplish this, keep in mind that most Facebook users are there to connect with family, friends, coworkers, etc. so make sure you are using an authentic, real, and personal voice. Be human and use first- person, your readers want to hear from you not the formal tone of the company.

2. Awesome content:

Yes, awesome is a strong word, but we think you’re ready for the challenge. Generate posts that will add value to your followers community, that are shareable, and that promote what your organization is all about.

Content that adds value typically catches people’s attention, stirs emotion, entertains, and/or sparks curiosity. A great way to accomplish this is by using images or videos. Think about it, what would you click on when scrolling through your news feed? Powerful and high-quality photos that include links to news articles, videos, infographics/statistics, etc. tend to perform best.

Let’s face it, we are all busy- constantly trying to come up with interesting posts. Especially those that generate action on our Facebook page can often be stressful and difficult. To help ease the social sharing process take a look at some websites such as BuzzSumo, Feedly, and Reddit for awesome content.

Here are a few bonus tips to keep in mind:

  • Remove the URL from the post. This is long and unnecessary for the reader. By clicking the image this will automatically take them to that page.
  • Timing. It is extremely important to know when your target audience is best engaged. This infographic does a great job of providing that info.
  • Keep it short. Facebook users skim, no need to write a novel.
  • Be consistent. Post to your page around 5-10 times a week allowing your followers to constantly be updated and engaged with information.

Facebook for Nonprofits

3. Generate Dialogue:

Facebook is a great place for your volunteers, supporters, and even donors to share questions, testimonials, and experiences they may have had with your nonprofit. Luckily, Facebook provides various ways to go about doing this.

  • Create statuses or post questions that generate responses by your fan’s. Post polls that get your fan’s voting. This not only increases engagement with your community but gives you, the nonprofit, insight as to what your followers interact with on your page.
  • In the “reviews” section of your facebook page, your followers can comment and rate your nonprofit. Although there are always those who use this space to vent about a specific situation that may not have gone their way, it is generally a positive space for feedback and testimonials.
  • Respond to people’s comments, questions, and messages. Your fans will be pleased to know you are listening and genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Facebook for Nonprofits

4. Call- to- action:

One of the amazing features of Facebook for Nonprofits is the “raise funds” tool. This tool makes Facebook a one-stop-shop for your supporters- not only are they kept up-to-date with your nonprofit’s happenings, but they are able to donate/ sign up without even leaving your page. How great is that?

As for you, the nonprofit, this feature is pretty great as well. First off, it allows you to get more donations by analyzing what your supporters care about most and their motivations. Second, it lets you set up successful campaigns that are geared specifically towards your followers interests. And, third, you can use peer-to-peer fundraising to get your followers friends and friends of friends to donate as well. Keep in mind, this is all done directly from your nonprofit’s facebook page- an easy way for active members to take the next step and donate!

Fun fact: For any campaign your nonprofit runs, you are able to show your fundraising progress and overall objective to your facebook followers- creating yet another incentive to donate and help you reach that goal!

Facebook for Nonprofits

5. Showcase your efforts:

This goes hand in hand with creating awesome content. What better way to show-off and celebrate your organization’s accomplishments, projects, and volunteers, than on Facebook? This is a great platform to post unique and exclusive content pertaining to your organization. Some ways to go about doing this include:

  • Behind-the- scenes footage: Office happenings, staff photos and/or anything that provides an insider’s perspective as to what is going on in your organization.
  • Volunteer highlights:  On- the- ground pictures or videos of those helping out in the field.
  • Interviews: With staff members, influential figures, and/or beneficiaries.
  • Achievements and important milestones: no matter what the accomplishments may be it is great to keep your followers in the loop!

By displaying these projects on your nonprofit’s Facebook page, your followers are kept up-to-date with your organization’s happenings on a more personal level. And, more importantly  through their primary social networking site.

Facebook for Nonprofits

The moral of the story is, it is to your advantage to use Facebook for your nonprofit!

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