There’s no doubt that we’re living in the information age. With everything readily available to us, we expect instant gratification when seeking information. Taking the time to comb through blogs and search results can be daunting, and thankfully quicker solutions are available.

Social medianamely, Twitteris the quickest and simplest source for news and information. Breaking news often surfaces on Twitter before any other news source reports it. In 140 characters or less, you can get instant updates on what’s going on in the world, or in any field, by using a specific hashtag.

The online world of #NPTech (nonprofit technology) is full of great advice and digital strategy for nonprofits.

If your Twitter feed is clogged up with spam or otherwise unimportant tweets, you may miss out on what you want to see. Clear out those feeds, make room for the most important content, and start following these #NPTech Twitter accounts:

#NPTech Individuals:


#NPTech Organizations:

And, of course, check Elevation’s Twitter for more #NPTech news as well!

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