Hello, nonprofit marketers. Are you listening? We wanted to write about a topic that is really close to our hearts: nonprofit marketing plans.

If you’re wondering what a nonprofit marketing plan is, it’s an invaluable document throughout the planning, design and implementation of any marketing campaign. Marketing plans have different objectives based on the type of organization and its capacity. Some nonprofits are able to target more than one goal at once while others are working with fewer resources, and so a single goal at a time is more realistic. Wherever your nonprofit is at, a marketing plan will help you on your way to growth.

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Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Nonprofits

We know that you have a ton on your plate and that it may seem daunting to create a complete marketing plan with goals, analysis. of current standing, a timeline, KPIs, and community research. However, we can’t stress enough how instrumental a marketing plans is for reaching your organization’s marketing goals. Here’s why:

1. Sets Your Goals and Aspirations 

What does your nonprofit want to accomplish this year? Raise awareness, boost donations, or increase enrollment in your programs? Which goal is the highest priority, and does your organization have the capacity to do them all? Should they be separated by quarter or should one be put on the back burner? By creating this plan, you and your team are able to put everything on the table and evaluate what your organization can and should accomplish in the next year. Make sure when you are setting these marketing goals that they are SMART to ensure that you stay on track.

2. Organizes Your Year

The creation of a plan allows you to break down your year by identifying each quarter’s goals and what you need to achieve them, including resources and support from other staff. You create a schedule with your end goals in mind that will keep you focused and excited to meet these goals.

3. Forces You to Take Stock

Creating this plan allows you to take stock of marketing materials that you already have and the ones that you need to create. Going through the process acts as a quasi-marketing materials audit. How fun is that? You are already being doubly productive, and we still have two more reasons to convince you.

4. Creates Accountability

It’s one thing to speak your goals, but another completely to write them down. By putting pen to paper you add a level of accountability to yourself and your team, and make the goals more tangible.

Writing these goals down also makes them more accessible to your entire organization beyond the communications department. In order to reach these goals, you need buy-in from everyone at your nonprofit. Writing down what your plan is for the upcoming year and making sure that everyone has access to it will ensure that the whole organization is behind you.

5. Helps You Adjust

Referring to this plan makes it possible to reevaluate your processes, reminds you to celebrate successes, and implement necessary adjustments. The wonderful thing about this plan is that it is a living and breathing document and can be changed throughout the year. However, if you don’t create a marketing plan, it will be difficult to figure out what needs to change!


Are you now ready to sit down and start crafting your nonprofit marketing plan? We hope so, and have made it even easier with a free downloadable checklist for your marketing plan. Check it out below!


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Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Nonprofits


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