It’s fundraising season, which means we are all running around fueled purely by coffee and our desire to see our organizations thrive next year. Before you work until you drop, consider some fundraising tools for your nonprofit that will make this year-end fundraising season your best yet. We know there are ton of options out there so we’ve broken down some of our faves and pointed out what makes each one unique. Ready to take a deep breath (and maybe put down the caffeine) so you can make a plan?

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How to Use 3rd Party Fundraising Software


Starting right off the bat with an awesome tool. Classy is a cloud-based software that boasts a “fundraising” suite of options. It’s mobile focused and has both peer-to-peer and crowdfunding options. We love that it can be integrated with your website (cough, cough) and it also has an impressive ⅘ stars on software advice.

The takeaway: This tool is built for small to mid-sized nonprofits, so if that sounds like your organization then it might be the one for you. Make sure to sign up using the 50% discount for new Classy users.

First Giving

This tool is focused on ease of use. First Giving is all about making it simple for your nonprofit to raise more donations. They offer custom branded pages, event fundraising and allow for embedded fundraising widgets. They even have time-sensitive campaign countdowns that are sure to move your supporters to donate.

The takeaway: This tool focuses on communication and relationship management for your supporters. If relationship building is essential for you, check them out.

Mobile Cause

As the name implies, this awesome tool focuses on mobile use. From mobile-friendly donation pages to peer-to-peer fundraising, they have it all. They also have an awesome text-to-give thermometer.

The takeaway: If your organization is focused on donor experience related to mobile giving, then check out this premier tool.


The folks at Qgiv just get nonprofits. They have made everything easy to use. Their platform is extremely customizable, which allows it to adapt to what your nonprofit needs. It boasts mobile app donation, interactive dashboard and reporting tools, social sharing options on donation forms, easy to use form builders and more.

The takeaway: Qgiv offers no limits on donation forms, events, support and a range of other services. So if “unlimited” sounds good to you, then check them out. Receive a 10% discount using this QGiv form.


The charitable wing of GoFundMe is pretty awesome. From easy-to-use fundraising tools, social sharing, mobile responsiveness and text-to-donate options, they cover everything. Plus, they specialize in socially focused event fundraising and know exactly how to raise more for your nonprofit.

The takeaway: Crowdrise knows branding and their tool reflects this. If creating customized, well-branded campaigns is a priority for your organization then we suggest chatting with Crowdrise.


CauseVox is a community driven fundraising platform that was built by nonprofit experts to help you grow your giving. It’s simple and easy to use offering custom donation page design, mobile responsiveness, secure donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising options and so much more.

The takeaway: CauseVox is unique in its capacity to story-tell. The platform contains storytelling tools that allow your nonprofit to effectively engage your supporters and encourage donation. If storytelling is essential for your nonprofit, contact CauseVox. New CauseVox users receive a 40% discount for the first two years.

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs has it all from donor management to fundraising fun. To name a few fun features, their software’s got online donation pages, event registration, peer-to-peer, online gift acknowledgements and obviously mobile responsiveness. They know that one size does not fit all and work with a ton of different organizations throughout the United States tailoring their software to fit the nonprofit’s needs.

The takeaway: Salsa Labs is an expert in donor relationships. The tools they offer ensure that you are able to cultivate new donors while continuing to engage your tried and true supporters.


Neon is  a CRM tool designed for your nonprofit’s growth. The CRM has everything from donor data to built-in communication and marketing tools. It stresses communication through thank you and donation receipts and donor experience with custom online donation forms.

The takeaway: This robust software has everything in one place. It’s efficiency allows your nonprofit to focus on doing more good while your CRM takes care of the rest.


These folks know what they are doing. The experts in donor management and retention, they offer website integrations, smart reports, donor surveys and online giving. All they do keeps the donor in mind allowing your to build stronger relationships.

The takeaway: They know donors and have built their tool to reflect this. Is your priority a donor-centric platform? Check them out and take advantage of the 10% Bloomerang discount.


EveryAction is the go-to for any nonprofit in the political or advocacy game. Their easy to use high-conversion donation pages are seriously awesome. They also offer one-click donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, tribute giving and so much more. As they are politically oriented, other features include voter contact, custom reporting and advocacy tools.

The takeaway: If your nonprofit is engaged in politics, our vote is for EveryAction.


This wraps up our list of favorites. If you have any questions or comments about any of the above mentioned tools or platforms, please reach out to us at Elevation-we love hearing from you. Happy fundraising!

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