Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Nonprofit marketing and branding too often take the back seat to fundraising and daily operations. Make it easier to keep your nonprofit on track for growth with our handy checklist for creating your nonprofit marketing plan.

Nonprofits have access to sensitive data, such as health records, financial information and legal documents, that is of interest to cyber criminals. They also frequently serve highly vulnerable populations. How can your nonprofit evaluate its level of risk and achieve compliance?

Whether you’re looking to attract volunteers, donors, event attendees, or simply raise awareness about your cause, an optimized website will help you climb the ranks in Google and beyond.

This guide will provide the tools to help your nonprofit get started with SEO.

An engaged email list is much more powerful than having 10,000 Facebook followers or 5,000 Twitter followers.

So how do you turn one into the other? Utilizing your Internet Hierarchy of Needs! In this guide, you’ll learn how to capture the traffic on the tools you’re already using – your website and social media accounts – and turn it into an engaged email list.

Email marketing campaigns continue to be an essential tool in every marketer’s tool belt. Keep your organization up to snuff with best email practices by choosing one of these seven email tools for your event reminders, fundraising campaigns, and organizational updates.

Google Ad Grants is an incredible opportunity offered by Google for qualified nonprofits to receive a $10,000 monthly grant, which can be used for free advertising on Google’s search network. This clears a new path to reach potential donors that has proven to be a massive success for nonprofits. However, many either don’t know about this program or are not managing it to reach its full potential. In this webinar, we will go over the basics and benefits of Google Ad Grants, as well as discuss how to build effective, structured campaigns that tell the complete story of your nonprofit.

Email Marketing is an essential part of the marketing funnel yet there are many nonprofits that are still not including it in their yearly marketing plans. Our digital marketing experts put together this webinar to run through the importance of email marketing and how it can increase ROI. Join us to learn best practices along with tips and tricks to ensure an effective email marketing campaign for your nonprofit.

Today, your supporters are hyper-connected, live inside personal feeds, support causes over institutions, and prioritize recommendations from friends when choosing organizations to support.