Robins’ Nest Inc.

We worked with Robins’ Nest Inc., a nonprofit which facilitates a plethora of community-based programs throughout New Jersey with the goal of ensuring that all children grow up in safe and healthy environments.


Robins’ Nest initially provided programs for only children but grew to include adults, families, veterans and caregivers. From Child Permanency to Prevention and Parent Education, Robins’ Nest’s programs  are making great strides in strengthening New Jersey’s communities.

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Elevation created a site focused on visual appeal through imagery and creative design. A community resource and document directory makes the site invaluable for community members and a Blackbaud donation system streamlines fundraising efforts.


  • Interactive board and staff bios widget
  • Community resources and document directory
  • Blackbaud donation integration
  • Live Facebook feed
  • Blog
  • Webforms for volunteer and general inquiries
  • Social media buttons