Lion Tales Foundation


Lion Tales Foundation is an organization that works with families in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). They use technology to enhance communication, give access to bedtime stories, and more. Their mission is to empower families who feel to contribute to their baby’s healing and development using a combination of storytelling technology, research projects, and “Digital Quilts of Courage.”

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The Lion Tales message and story of Leo was brought to life with a new website which features a custom-designed interactive quilt with pop-ups to display quotes and photos of each child’s stay at the NICU. A 3rd-party ticketing integration allows event participants to sign-up for fundraisers, while donations are processed in-site.


  • Custom quilt with pop-up displays
  • Webforms to Share Your Story
  • Social media buttons and feeds
  • Integrated donations
  • Event ticketing with Eventbrite
  • Board profiles