We worked with LifeStream, a nonprofit blood donation service which strives to save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood.


LifeStream was founded in 1951 as a blood donation center and since has expanded to serve more than 80 hospitals in Southern California. Apart from blood drives, LifeStream organizes youth education programs to inform younger generations about the importance of giving and partners with local businesses, community leaders and local media to promote volunteer donation.

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We created a new look for LifeStream focused on imagery to better illustrate the human impact of their work. We designed a blog to help LifeStream further educate their community about volunteer blood donation. We also built a microsite for LifeStream’s first Run/Walk fundraiser and integrated a website translate tool to make the site more accessible for diverse populations.


  • Microsite for inaugural Run/Walk event
  • Website translation tool
  • Blog
  • On-site application form
  • Coordinator and donor system management
  • Social media buttons
  • Testimonials
  • On-page donation integration