Search Marketing

Optimzing nonprofit websites for the best user-experience.

Our approach to Search Marketing is focused on driving meaningful traffic to your nonprofit’s website so you can continue developing positive change.

Search Marketing

Is generating more awareness, reaching out to greater audiences, and gaining valuable support part of your goals as a nonprofit? Search Marketing is a worth-while investment for your organization’s website. Effective Search Marketing drives people interested in your cause to your nonprofit’s website by improving its online visibility in search engines.

How It Will Benefit Your Nonprofit

Use Search Marketing to stand out amongst the billions of other sites on the web. A great Search Marketing strategy has the capacity to benefit your nonprofit. It will help establish your nonprofit as a leader in its niche, and connect you to your target audience and drive people interested in your nonprofit’s cause to the site. From there, you can use compelling call-to-actions to engage and convert your audience into donors and supporters.

Aligning Search Marketing with website redesign is more cost effective and efficient.

Call one of our experts to learn more about these two services.

What We Offer

Search Marketing can be divided into two categories; search engine optimization (SEO) which is generating quality, organic traffic through free, unpaid listings, and search engine marketing (SEM) using Google Grants funding to create ads for search engine listings. At Elevation, we offer both SEO and SEM related activities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An effective SEO strategy requires analysis and on-site optimization, in a way that abides by best practices and guidelines. At Elevation, our SEO strategy includes; comprehensive keyword analysis, website and content optimization, and ongoing SEO strategies such as outreach, blog optimization, and monthly reports tailored to your nonprofit’s objectives. Our strategy and services comply with how search engines sort and rank information so your nonprofit can start generating qualitative traffic.

Our Approach

Our optimization strategies are carefully planned to avoid “black hat” (malpractice) SEO. We emphasize giving our clients the best results organically by improving areas of their site.


To adequately construct an SEO strategy tailored to your nonprofit, we’ll start with a keyword analysis to discover how your nonprofit can distinguish itself in an online environment. Keywords are single words, or phrases, that reflect the content of your website. Once we’ve completed the analysis we’ll establish a SEO plan for the continuation of the Search Marketing process.


With a comprehensive list of keywords, we’ll optimize your site. When placed strategically throughout a website, keywords are intended to communicate the content of your nonprofit’s site in a way that resonates with visitors and search engines. Our strategy combines integrating keywords and keyword phrases with integral SEO basics such as Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, URL Structure, so that search engines understand your site’s purpose and its objectives.

Ongoing Management

Keyword analysis and optimization are part of an ongoing SEO process. Search engines are continuously changing the rules making it necessary for website owners to continue investing in online optimization practices. Our SEO package provides a foundation where you can continue developing and optimizing your nonprofit’s online presence. We also offer content creation and optimization, approved link building, and a monthly SEO overview reporting key indicators for further progress and improvement of your nonprofit’s website and ranking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing includes creating and managing paid ad campaigns on search engines such as Google Adwords. SEM is focused on generating quality traffic to your nonprofit website through paid search engine listings. Nonprofits can apply for,  Google Grants, an online ad opportunity from Google Adwords. Google Grants awards nonprofits with $10,000 credit to promote their organization. Nonprofits eligible for a Google Grant must;


  1. Hold a current and valid charity status – usually including 501c3 for U.S. nonprofits, or as determined per country.
  2. Agree with the application’s required certifications and fields in regards to nondiscrimination and donation receipts.
  3. Have a full-functioning website with substantial, valuable content.


At Elevation, we’ll create your ad campaign so you can reach new donors,and reach a broader audience. Certified in Google Adwords, we have the expertise and experience to execute successful SEM campaigns. We’ll create ads aligned with the objectives of your organization, tested for results, and provide monthly reports on the success of the campaigns.

A few of the benefits of working with Elevation on Google Adwords campaigns are:

  • Ad campaigns created and managed by experts
  • Optimized ads for the most efficient use of Google Grants funds
  • More website traffic and new visitors interacting with your site
  • Review and measurement consultations

If you’re interested in working alongside Elevation to either build or improve your current Search Marketing efforts, contact one of our team members today. We’re happy to answer any of your questions regarding SEO and SEM for your nonprofit.

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