Email Outreach

Branded template design building strong relationships.

We create customized email templates so you can cement strong relationships with your nonprofit’s community.

Email Marketing for Nonprofits

Email outreach has revolutionized the way nonprofits interact with their donors. Accounting for nearly ⅓ of a nonprofit’s online fundraising revenue, adopting an email marketing plan is more crucial now than it has ever been. It’s the most effective strategy to cultivate support and cement a solid community as today’s donors are spending more time reading their emails on-the-go and in their homes expecting personalized messages that provide immediate value.

At Elevation, our astute attention to detail and customized newsletter templates are designed to help you create and produce quality email marketing campaigns. With our templates, you’ll increase open and click rates, and generate donor trust and loyalty with customized designs.

What We Offer

Template Design

Our custom designed email templates are waiting for your content! We’ll put together a template so you can upload it onto your nonprofit’s email marketing service (Mailchimp, Constant Contact). You’ll receive an aesthetic design that matches the brand of your nonprofit, along with ongoing maintenance and management.

Customized Newsletter Design

There are innumerable factors that contribute to building trust and loyalty between a nonprofit and its donors. Commonly overlooked, but highly effective, is having a branded newsletter. Our innovative designs incorporate the customized details of your nonprofit’s website including color palette, typography, and imagery, amongst other factors to ensure that your brand identity is being expressed across all platforms.

Personalized Communication

The key to building strong relationships is to approach communication as a two-way street. Personalized messages will make your email connections feel relevant and meaningful fostering better rapport with your donor base. With our templates, you’ll improve your personalized communication making it easy to build a solid foundation for nurturing and improving these relationships.

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