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Trust Elevation with your email marketing to grow your digital footprint, increase donations, and expand your impact!

Customized Themes

Tailored to your branding.


Making it easier for you.

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Our team of experts works with Campaign Monitor to ensure optimal email performance.

Why Email Marketing Matters

Including email marketing in your nonprofit’s outreach efforts is no longer an option, it’s essential for your success!

Email is the #1 communication channel and at least 91% of consumers check their email daily.
Unlike Facebook or Twitter, your email marketing is completely your own and the lists you build are under your control.
Email can be used to achieve a ton of different objectives from boosting event registrations to raising more money with your year end campaign.

6 Reasons why you need to keep your website updated

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Why Should You Choose Elevation?

We understand exactly what a nonprofit website needs to remain relevant and updated. Here's a few thing we will help you with:

Drag and Drop
Email Builder

Easily create and edit your saved templates to adjust to your unique campaigns.


Give us the rundown and we’ll craft your message for you.

Customized Email

Take advantage of custom-designed templates for your most important messages.


Track how many people are landing on and interacting with your website via advanced analytics.


Rack up all the numbers at the end of each campaign to shine bright at the next board meeting.


Map automatic flowcharts and follow-ups based on different interactions with your emails.

I appreciated the team's organization and direction. I always felt like I knew what was happening next and what I needed to get done.
- Nancy Gallegos
Business Development Manager

Pedal Revolution
Our experience working with Elevation was wonderful. All of our feedback throughout the process was addressed, which resulted in a well designed, user friendly website. We would highly recommend Elevation to others who are looking to update their websites!
- Kimberly Splinter
Genetic Counselor and Project Manager

UDN - Harvard
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Our Plans

Considering signing up for one of Elevation’s email marketing plans? You’re in the right place!

Flip the switch for prices with hosting included!

Would you like to include hosting to your plan? We offer hosting through WP Engine with our plans.


Are you interested just in hosting with us? We offer hosting services with WP Engine for $75 per month ! Below is a list of some of the services we offer in our essential plan

Hosting & CDN
Hosting & CDN

WP Engine hosting assures quality when it comes to the security of your website along with 99.9% uptime + 24/7 chat and phone support.


With an SSL certificate, keep your donors’ payment information safe and and boost your rankings with a secure website.

Security & Backups
Security & Backups

We offer security for your website in case of hacking and provide recurring backups to ensure that your website and content are safe.

Plugin Licenses
Plugin Licenses

Your features and plugins require licenses in order to stay updated and avoid bugs that could affect your website.

CMS Updates
CMS Updates

CMS updates are essential for optimal website performance.Keeping your WordPress core updated will prevent off hackers from infiltrating your site.

Analysis Report
Analysis Report

You will receive a monthly report detailing your website's performance so that you can know and understand your visitors' activity.

Still aren’t sure if email marketing is right for your nonprofit?

Check out our email marketing guide to learn more!