Our mission statement generator was trained using a database of over 120,000 real world mission statements. It’s still under active development and will continue to improve! It’s a convenient way to get ideas for your nonprofit, but don’t expect it to generate perfect statements every time! It’s a good source to find inspiration. Here are some examples users have generated using it:

Education and Technology

to connect science, technology, engineering and math to individuals, families,educational institutions, and communities

to capitalize on the creativity and wealth in our society, through education, personal enrichment, and community service


to provide people in the autism spectrum with opportunities for personal development through educational

to support access to opportunities for individuals affected by depression


to promote the appreciation of natural beauty and conservation of wildlife

to build renewable energy park systems that boost local economic growth


to promote sustainable communities in nepal through education, science, play, stewardship and renewable energy

 to organize workers into local unions and help them secure sustainable employment


 to spread the glory of God and renew the love of jesus christ in our local community

to provide leadership resources to the youth and small churches through missionary training