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Create a crowdfunding page for your project in order to raise funds and engage a large population. Pair your crowdfunding page with your fundraising events, and be sure to use your social media following and email subscribers to spread the word.

Host a concert

Partner with local bands or artists, set a date and time, and sell tickets ahead of time at a discounted rate in order to give people incentive to go. Also be sure to sell tickets at the door for last-minute goers, and you could also sell concessions for a low price.

Host a charity run / walk

Charity walks/runs are perfect events for active supporters who want to support a cause. They can take a lot of work, but hosting a charity race is not only fun but also a motivating way to raise money for your organization.

Peer-to-Peer Online Fundraiser

Peer-to-peer is a fundraising method that utilizes your current supporters to help you raise money for your nonprofit. It encourages donors to reach out to their friends and family to engage a larger community in their fundraising efforts.

Host a sports tournament

Hosting a sports tournament is a great way to get your donors involved in an activity they already enjoy with their friends and colleagues. Golf tournaments done right attract a number of important high level donors and can raise a sizeable amount of money.

Bar crawl

Partner with local bars and pubs that allow you to bring people in and provide a drink or two. Charge a set fee for the night and make sure you advertise ahead of time on social media, encouraging those who are going to share it with their networks as well.

Trivia night

Partner up with a local bar or restaurant and host a trivia night! In order to raise money, charge an admission fee and also consider asking the bar or restaurant management if you could take home a portion of the sales for the night.

Viral Challenge

Blow up the web with a viral challenge! Have a few members of your team record themselves completing your challenge, share the video online with a link to donate, and name others to accept the challenge in order to keep the chain going.

Charity Auction

Auctions are an energetic way to raise money and interact with donors face-to-face. By getting local businesses to donate auction items and then bidding them at competitive prices, you’re sure to have a profitable event.

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FUNDRAISING is one of the core elements that allows a nonprofit to run successfully.

Every year, new fundraising trends grow and develop online. Technology changes rapidly, and nonprofits can capitalize on new developments to better reach their donors. After all, your donors are primarily online. Donors in varying age groups and giving levels react positively to online engagement. As all sorts of organizations adapt their fundraising strategies to meet donors’ expectations, it’s important that your nonprofit does the same — or you’ll risk being left in the dust.

Fundraising can spread across a huge variety of different platforms. Aside from online fundraising, there are numerous event ideas and strategies that you can begin utilizing today for your nonprofit, such as peer-to-peer fundraising or crowdfunding.

Here at Elevation, we want you to have access to the top resources out there to help your nonprofit find fundraising success. We’ve put together this page of resources and ideas that we think will prove useful for your organization to learn from some of the best in the industry.

Noah Barnett

Noah Barnett

Fundraising is about so much more than raising money. It's about building connections that empower your supporters to do something!

According to Mason Academic Research System, ‘85% of donors prefer being asked by friends and family to make a donation.’ Because of this, we must empower supporters to engage with our causes beyond a financial donation.

We must encourage supporters to actively rally behind fundraising efforts, whether this means becoming a personal fundraiser or by simply posting about a fundraising campaign online. And we must ... focus on building relationships vs generating transactions, tell real stories designed to be shared vs guilt-filled pleas, and empower our supports to do something for our causes vs yelling our call-to-action aimlessly into the largest audience we can find!

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The nonprofit world is full of great advice on new fundraising ideas and trends, crowdfunding campaigns, and digital strategies geared towards maximizing donations for your organization. Follow these influencers to help you achieve fundraising success!

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