Includes powerful images, multiple giving options, and options to buy merchandise or fundraise. Also displays top reviews, adding trust to their organization.

With very little extra information on their donate page, charity: water keeps their visitors focused on donating, especially with their sleek contact form.

Keeps page clean and straightforward with a simple header and no sidebars. Includes an easy step-by-step process and buttons that improve the donor’s UX.

Incorporates sans-serif fonts and generous spacing to keep their donation page to the minimal. Uses a popup contact form to keep visitors from getting distracted.

Provides their visitors with user-friendly buttons and a simple payment section that doesn’t clog up the page with excess boxes.

Communicates their donor’s impact with real numbers on the right-hand side of their donate page so that people can know exactly how their gift will be used.

More often than not,

donations are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations.

They’re pivotal in furthering your impact in your community.

There are so many factors that contribute to creating a solid donation base for your organization. Maximizing your donations, both in person and online, drawing in potential donors, building strong relationships with your current donors, optimizing your online donation page, and thanking your donors are just a few of the crucial steps you should be taking to keep the donations flowing into your organization.

Here at Elevation, we want you to have access to the top resources out there to help your nonprofit maximize donations. We’ve put together this page of resources that we think will prove useful for your organization to learn from some of the best in the industry.

Increase Online Donations
How to Increase your Online Donations


Trigger giving by making your donors the hero.

When you invite donors to ‘feed hungry children’, ‘stop human trafficking’ or ‘give twice the hope’, you make them the hero. This engages a ‘storytelling switch’ that triggers giving: Cortisol focuses your attention on a problem that needs solving (feeding hungry children). Oxytocin magnifies your feelings of empathy, caring, and love.

Blogs to Follow

Learn more about online marketing, fundraising, branding, and the latest news and trends from the #nptech world.

Discover the latest in fundraising, advocacy, and nonprofit marketing best practices.

Provides insights on the #nptech world, including donor management and processing and fundraising strategies.

Get the downlow on gift matching, nonprofit grants, fundraising strategies, and how you can be raising more money for your cause.

top 8 influencers in donor engagement

The nonprofit world is full of great advice about increasing donations, donor engagement, fundraising, and digital strategies geared towards maximizing donations for your organization. Follow these influencers to help you achieve donation sucess!

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