So far this morning, I’ve received four emails from nonprofits I’ve supported in the past. Did I mention it’s only 9 am?

Nowadays, we’re bombarded with information about products, services, and causes we support. And it comes at us in all directions: email, social media feeds, direct mail, and phone calls. It’s a noisy world, and if your nonprofit is involved in any sort of donor-focused marketing, then you’re part of it.

Standing out is hard when there are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of others vying for your nonprofit donor’s attention. But it’s also essential, particularly as year-end fundraising ramps up.

Do you have a plan to make your year-end fundraising campaign stand out? Here are five ways that you can make your cause heard above all the noise out there. (more…)

Your nonprofit website is oftentimes the first place that potential supporters look to learn more about your organization.

To your audience, a clean, professional looking website can make you appear trustworthy, validate your cause, educate, and inspire involvement with your organization. A disorganized, chaotic site has the potential to turn people away, which is the last thing you want!