Our Team

Group of like-minded individuals coming together to help nonprofits.

We are techies and developers, programmers and graphic designers, creative thinkers and innovators, coming together and leading the way in nonprofit web design one HTML code at a time. Our job titles may say programmer, but our passions rest in helping others. At Elevation, we’ve been able to combine what we are good at with our altruistic values through nonprofit web design.

Account ManagerAccount Managers

Our Account Managers will most likely be the first people you interact with. They are well-versed in our solutions and can answer (almost) all questions when it comes to building a website that best fits your nonprofit. Easily approachable and patient are just a couple of the qualities they embody. Get to know our Account Managers by reaching out to them today!

Project ManagerProject Managers

Our highly-efficient Program Managers will be by your side for a majority of the web design process. They’ll be the bridge that connects you to our Design and Development teams. With their excellent planning and multitasking skills, they’ll ensure that your site is being designed to your expectations.

DesignersDesign Team

The creatives of the group, our Design Team will give you the best graphic and web designs for your nonprofit. Their astute attention to detail, and incomparable ability to turn ideas into reality have made them specialists in nonprofit graphic and web design. Check out some of their work in our portfolio.

DevelopersDevelopment Team

Our programmers and developers are the real geniuses behind the operation. Specialized in web development and design for nonprofits, they’ll create the foundation and structure of your site. They work closely with the Design Team and Program Managers to ensure that your site comes with all the features and functionalities requested.

MarketersMarketing Team

Our Marketing team supplies the content you interact with on social media, the highly-informative blog articles you read online, and the outreach efforts you receive in your inboxes. They’re always thinking of new tips, trends, and resources to share with you on nonprofits and web design. Check out some of their blog articles here.