What is the
1 for 1 Match?

For each dollar your nonprofit spends on web design or other
media related work, we will match that dollar with a dollar of our own.

In 2017 Elevation will match dollar for dollar up to $800,000.
Funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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In 2016 Elevation allocated approximately $600,000 worth of assistance to 150 nonprofit organizations.
Our clients received the highest quality web design, programming, and other media solutions (some of which they would not have been able to attain without the match).

How Can Your Nonprofit Benefit?

If your nonprofit is ready to improve its online presence, apply for assistance by completing one of the following.

If you don’t have an RFP:

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Completing the Application

In order for us to determine your needs and tailor your web media solutions, please answer as many questions as possible. You may upload documents that describe your project in further detail. If you have an RFP, please upload it and disregard the application.

Who We Are

Elevation exists to help nonprofit organizations spread their message effectively online. Elevation is a socially conscious web media solution firm dedicated to providing the highest quality services at a price point that is affordable to most non-profits.

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1 for 1 Match 2016 Results

Last year 150 nonprofits benefited from the 1-for-1 Match Program. They received about $600,000 worth of web and media solutions. Elevation is looking forward to giving more for the rest of the year. We are determined to keep improving by providing new solutions, allocating more assistance, and helping even more nonprofit organizations.

Check out what one of our 1-for-1 Match recipients had to say.

Not only does Elevation offer talented professionals capable of creating outstanding Websites, they offer nonprofits a significant financial break. YOS would not have been able to complete our new Website if Elevation hadn’t matched the funds we put into it. Not only did they offer a great deal right off the bat, I believe they spent more hours than were outlined in our contract to help train me on the site, walk through any questions I had and troubleshoot. They were attentive and helpful, and went above and beyond to finalize the product.

Ashley Voss

Director of Communications

Youth Outreach Services

Ashley Voss

Nonprofits that benefits from the 2016 1-for-1 Match Program

Nonprofit organizations that benefited 1 for 1 Match Program

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