Branding & Graphic Design

Great design sparks emotion.

At Elevation, we help nonprofits develop a cohesive brand so they can transmit a sense of confidence, connect with thoughtful donors, and build a stable community.

More than great design.

Your nonprofit’s brand should communicate its purpose just as well visually as it does in its mission statement. It should reflect the values of the organization, embody its mission, and keep consistency in all interactions. Whether simple and elegant, bold and creative, or clean and classic, every design component – digital or in-print – created by our team is original and handcrafted.

In-house Graphic Design

Nonprofits require a different approach in nearly every aspect of their organizational makeup. Anything from staff planning to marketing to website design needs to be tailored specifically to nonprofits. Our in-house graphic team has nurtured the necessary skill-set and creative approach to build graphic designs specifically for nonprofits. As socially responsible designers, they’ve plunged headfirst into the industry in order to understand and execute the best graphic designs for nonprofit organizations. When you work with Elevation’s design team on brand development, graphic design, or print material, you’re interacting with someone adept in nonprofit design.

Brand Development

The goal is to create a brand that embodies your nonprofit’s mission and makes a lasting impression. At Elevation, we work to bring you a visually cohesive and consistent image so you can engage donors, build support, and generate positive change. It starts by understanding the various facets of your nonprofit and its goals. From there, we’ll put together a branding guide that covers elements associated with your nonprofit’s brand such as color palette, typography, imagery, and other important details. We’ll implement strategies that achieve measurable success, and provide you with the platform to further develop your nonprofit’s brand identity.

Logo Design

Visually stunning logos build nonprofit brand identities. We help nonprofits generate quantifiable change with creative logo design. Our attention to detail and customized design support allows us to bring high-caliber logo designs at competitive prices to nonprofits.

Let the designs speak for themselves.

Print Communication

Excellent graphic design is creative and artistic. It assembles information and evokes emotion through strategic layout, typography, and imagery that portray a unique vision and provoke reaction. Equally important as having high caliber digital graphic designs are creating ones that can be transferred across a variety of platforms. Our graphic design services function both digitally and in-print. We offer printed materials such as flyers, business cards, letterheads, etc so your nonprofit can continue extending its brand offline.

Graphic Design Examples

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Graphic Design Articles

If you’re having troubles identifying your brand or need some extra graphic design tips, check out some articles we’ve written to provide guidance.