An effective online fundraising page is crucial to the success of your nonprofit’s fundraising campaign as a whole. It might be all too easy to focus all of your team’s efforts on planning fundraising events and email campaigns, but you can’t overlook the importance of an effective online fundraising page¹. 


When you send emails out to your supporters, are you sending one mass email to your whole email list?

While mass email marketing is a common strategy among nonprofits and for-profit companies alike, it is a big mistake.


 Matching gifts are the pot of gold at the end of the nonprofit rainbow. While your donors have built your rainbow with their unwavering support, the potential to increase your donations even more is still waiting at the end.

To reap the full benefits of your donors’ matching gift

 programs, you’ll need to incorporate matching gifts into your online fundraising strategy, too.

We’ll break down 7 easy steps to help you with this incorporation from start to finish:

1. Know matching gifts in and out

2. Educate your nonprofit

3. Incorporate matching gifts into your online donation form

4. Record donors’ matching gift information in your CRM

5. Create a matching gifts page on your website

6. Promote matching gift programs

7. Include matching gift information in your thank-you’s

If you’re ready to watch your donations double like magic, let’s get started!


Many companies offer matching gift programs to give their corporate philanthropy initiatives a boost. Employees benefit by having their donations doubled without having to open their wallets a second time.

And your organization gains some extra donations. Everyone wins!