The Best Nonprofit Websites of 2020

Need some web design inspiration? We’ve created a gallery to showcase the 200 top nonprofit websites and help you generate ideas for your own organization.

Web design can be a tricky new adventure for anyone building for the first time, especially at a nonprofit where resources and time are already scarce. We’ve put together this webinar to run through everything your nonprofit will need to prepare and stay ahead of the game when designing your digital home. Join us to learn best practices along with tips and tricks to ensure the success of your nonprofit’s website.

Your brand style guide will be your handy reference to ensure your nonprofit’s look, feel, and messaging to remain constant by laying out all the dos and don’ts for your logo and typography. 

This 35-page comprehensive guide covers the ABC’s of creating a new nonprofit website. In 8 chapters we’ll cover everything from complex terminologies you need to understand, to how to make important decisions about your nonprofit’s needs.

You’re ready to make the world a better place, and all that’s left is your official nonprofit status to begin fundraising and community service. If you’re not sure where to start or how to organize what you’ve already started gathering, this step-by-step checklist will get you on the right path.

Can you picture your dream nonprofit website but your organization just can’t afford it yet? It’s time to get creative. Here are six ways to get the funds for your nonprofit’s website that you might not have thought of yet.

The landscape of fundraising and donations has gone digital. Today’s donors are more likely to learn about your nonprofit through your website, social media, and other online platforms. 

Let’s dive in and talk about how to optimize your online donations. 

There a lot of ways to accept donations and online store payments online, but the big three remain. They all integrate with WordPress so let’s find out which one will work best for your organization.

Increasing your donations can be an overwhelming task. To do so, you need to know who your donors are, and how you can more effectively reach them.

It’s time to create your donor personas – representations of the real people who make up your organization’s donors.

You’ve put in the work to launch your new digital home and now it’s time to keep it up. Keep this list handy for everything you’ll need to keep an eye on to get the most out of your new site.