Nonprofit User Personas

Start your website design journey with the most important factor in mind – your users!

The landscape of fundraising and donations has gone digital. Today’s donors are more likely to learn about your nonprofit through your website, social media, and other online platforms. 

Let’s dive in and talk about how to optimize your online donations. 

Nonprofit websites have their own set of specific considerations, especially when it comes to the User Experience. Whether you’re diving into a brand new web design project or revamping an older site, take a peek at our tip sheet to make sure you’re following nonprofit UX best practices for your new website.

Do you want to encourage memberships? Have more people sign-up for your newsletter? Convert advocates into monthly donors?

Katherine from National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) joins Emily from Elevation to share how together they redesigned National VOAD’s website to put the needs of their community at the forefront. 

In this digital age, your nonprofit’s website can make or break your donation strategy and member involvement. Long gone are the days when having any old website would do the trick. Expectations are getting higher and visitors are becoming wary of websites that are lacking a frictionless online experience designed for them. 

How do you make sure your website is working for your nonprofit’s mission instead of holding you back? In this webinar, Sarah Henry from Elevation Web will walk you through how to dive into the minds of your users to design a website that cultivates trust and surpasses all expectations.

With the price of Bitcoin tripling in a year, donations also are on the rise. From a tax perspective, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are treated like stock donations, meaning the donor doesn’t have to pay capital gains tax and gets a nice tax write off.

In this webinar, Alex and Patrick from The Giving Block discuss how your nonprofit can capture this next wave of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations. They also cover what has made fundraising Bitcoin successful for nonprofits who already have these programs.