Social Media for your Nonprofit

Social networks have turned into places where countless people spend the majority of their time online. Paid social media ads can get your brand in front of these curious, networking eyes.

Facebook’s ad program is one of the best ways to reach people interested in your work. There are so many ways to leverage this social tool for your nonprofit. 

Social media was once promised as the silver bullet for nonprofits. Start posting, start tweeting, start Instagramming – and like magic, the donations will just roll in! Then reality set in. In our current attention economy, organic (unpaid) reach is down, algorithms prioritize updates from friends and family over businesses and brands, and millions upon millions of pieces of content are uploaded every single day.

For nonprofits to effectively raise money and build a community on social media requires thoughtful, strategic, and consistent effort and a boatload of creativity. In this workshop, social media and digital fundraising expert, Julia Campbell walks you through the secrets to successful donor relations with social media.

Social media success is something that nonprofits are finally beginning to see as a vital piece of the marketing and fundraising puzzle. But getting engagement on social channels is challenging and often daunting, especially to small nonprofits. The best way to get people to take action on social media is through thoughtful and authentic digital storytelling. In this webinar, Julia reviews specific tactics and examples of nonprofits small and large that are successfully using social media storytelling to drive engagement and awareness of their organizations.