How to Build your Nonprofit Email List

An engaged email list is much more powerful than having 10,000 Facebook followers or 5,000 Twitter followers.

So how do you turn one into the other? Utilizing your Internet Hierarchy of Needs! In this guide, you’ll learn how to capture the traffic on the tools you’re already using – your website and social media accounts – and turn it into an engaged email list.

Email marketing campaigns continue to be an essential tool in every marketer’s tool belt. Keep your organization up to snuff with best email practices by choosing one of these seven email tools for your event reminders, fundraising campaigns, and organizational updates.

Email Marketing is an essential part of the marketing funnel yet there are many nonprofits that are still not including it in their yearly marketing plans. Our digital marketing experts put together this webinar to run through the importance of email marketing and how it can increase ROI. Join us to learn best practices along with tips and tricks to ensure an effective email marketing campaign for your nonprofit.