The Virtual High School


Available worldwide, The Virtual High School offers individualized attention to all students. By offering services that help schools expand their curriculum, help educators better reach and engage their students, and provide parents with the resources to help their children succeed, VHS helps everyone achieve their best academic results.

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Elevation helped The VHS navigate their desire to improve the look and usability of their existing Drupal site, collaborating with staff and contacts from D2L and Genius, software which act as a course catalog and portal for students and faculty. An overall re-design of the site provided visitors a better user-experience, while maintaining the integration with their existing databases.


  • Drupal CMS
  • Integration with existing course catalog and portal for student and faculty log-ins
  • Testimonials
  • Embedded videos
  • Event calendar
  • Integrated WordPress blog for News updates
  • Webforms for inquiries and webinar downloads
  • Faculty profiles
  • Social media buttons