The Heal Foundation

We collaborated with HEAL, which aims to break the cycle of poverty in 26 slums in Hyderabad, India. HEAL is guided by the principle that an empowered population is the most important aspect in creating positive change for impoverished communities.


HEAL began in 2002 working in the slums of Hyderabad to promote health, education and literacy. Since then, HEAL has expanded its mission to focus on the empowerment of the people it serves. HEAL is currently working with 7,000 families in 26 slums in Hyderabad.

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With Elevation’s help, HEAL now boasts a graphic and modern website with a series of rotating images on its homepage and an on-page donation system for easy fundraising. We integrated Google Maps to provide a geographical context to donors living in different locations and added interactive team bios to further bridge distance.


  • On-page donation system
  • Site blog
  • Google Maps integration
  • Interactive team bios widget
  • Social media button
  • Rotating images on homepage
  • On-page contact form