Miracle 4 Melanie

We partnered with Miracle 4 Melanie, an organization that continues the work of an inspirational woman in honoring injured servicemen and women by providing them with resources throughout their recovery.


Miracle 4 Melanie brings awareness to the struggles of injured servicemen and women and provides support as they heal. The organization was created to continue the work of Melanie Darvin Strudler, who worked tirelessly to support these injured heroes even after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

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Elevation created a new look for the website which mirrors the kindness of Melanie and those who continue her work. We integrated an on-page donation and event registration to amplify the impact of the organization.


  • Integrated event registration
  • Featured sponsors banner
  • On-page donations
  • Photo gallery
  • On-site contact form
  • On-page news and press releases
  • Social media buttons