Ongoing Support

Ongoing committment to improving nonprofit's online presence.

Elevation offers flexible ongoing support agreements, catered to your specific needs, at a price you can afford, so your nonprofit can continue doing more good.

Ongoing Commitment

The internet is constantly changing, and your nonprofit probably is too. That’s why building a website is only one step of a continuously evolving process. When you start seeing higher fundraising revenues, a larger donor base, and more attention for your cause, you’ll need the technical support to maintain this progress.

What We Offer

At Elevation, our ongoing services offer website maintenance and Google Analytics support to keep up with your nonprofit’s forward momentum.


Similar to how we never stop learning about new tools and trends in web design, you’ll want to continue developing and improving your site as you learn how visitors interact with it. Our maintenance packages regularly enhance your website to ensure that it’s best it can be.

Most maintenance appeals we receive are content edits, though we are able to comply with development and design updates as per requested. Typically, we work within a 2-3 day turnaround on content edits, whereas programming and other design edits may vary depending on need.

Google Analytics

We believe in providing nonprofits with the best web design solutions so they can drive quantifiable change with their online presence. Measurement and analysis is key to success for any nonprofit. We look at important indicators such as:

  • Most frequently visited page
  • How visitors are finding your site
  • What call-to-actions receive the most and least attention
  • Which content-pieces are the most engaging

These factors enable better decision making and help nonprofits reach their goals online.

What We Do

We’ll integrate Google Analytics to improve your nonprofit’s website. Google Analytics a powerful tool that offers a wealth of information by allowing website owners and creators to measure what is and isn’t working for their site. In order to get the most out of this tool, we offer;

  • Google Analytics Report – We offer a comprehensive audit of your website’s online performance. We’ll analyze the various details your site and point out areas for improvement.
  • Continuous Google Analytics Reporting – We also offer monthly Google Analytics reporting. We’ll continue analyzing your site’s performance over a longer period of time for a more comprehensive view of your site.

Continue learning more about our ongoing support solutions by contacting one of our team members today at 800-475-4590.