Nonprofit Web Development

Great design sparks emotion.

Even if they come through different routes, like email, a Google search, or a friend’s recommendation, most of your potential supporters and donors will check your organization out online before anything else. That’s why your website design is of utmost importance. Your website has to be good enough to retain the attention of people who could switch to another website at any moment. How can you optimize your nonprofit website?

The visual impact of the website will have a profound effect on a person’s experience. Usability will also go a long way in determining first, how long people spend looking at the website and second, whether they come back. Using an effective content management system is one key way in which nonprofits can increase their chances of good conversion rates. Elevation can help you achieve a flexible, easy to use, attractive website with advanced features and seamless integration.

With an effective CMS, you can rest assured that your content is fresh and that your website offers the most up-to-date multimedia and social media engagement tools. Social media is known to be an excellent way of building support by word-of-mouth. A good CMS will also provide simple processes for crucial nonprofit tasks such as online donations. Elevation’s expert team has been helping nonprofit organizations build slick, multi-functional websites for more than a decade. Our advanced technical knowledge, coupled with our creativity and dedication to the nonprofit sector, makes us leaders in our field.

For many in the nonprofit world, the word ‘branding’ sounds a little foreign. It has associations with advertising and commerce, and can seem a long way off the traditional scope of the nonprofit sector. But in today’s highly visual world, nonprofit organizations require branding just as much as other more typically commercial organizations do. Some will make donations based only on what they see on a website. Others will be drawn in by other visual cues, such as brochures or flyers. In all of this, whether online or printed, there needs to be a strong, consistent brand. In this way, you build trust and a circle of supporters who are loyal year after year.