How to Design an Amazing Donation Receipt

This is a contributing blogpost from Abby Jarvis of Qgiv. Donation receipts tend to be pretty boring. They generally run something like this: Dear Abby, Thank you for your donation of $25 to our organization. Below, please find the details of your transaction for your records. Snore. Your donation receipts don’t have to be boring! Adding a few elements to your donation receipt will make a great impression on your donors and increase the likelihood that they donate again in the future. Here are some pieces to add to your donation receipt to inspire (and not bore!) your donors.

January 23, 2018, by Abby Jarvis


Abby Jarvis

Abby Jarvis is a blogger, marketer, and communications coordinator for Qgiv, an online fundraising service provider. Qgiv offers industry-leading online givingand peer to peer fundraising tools for nonprofit, faith-based, and political organizations of all sizes. When she’s not working at Qgiv, Abby can usually be found writing for local magazines, catching up on her favorite blogs, or binge-watching sci-fi shows on Netflix.

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