Agile Content Planning for Nonprofits

This is a contributing post from Virtuous Creating great content is essential to the success of every nonprofit. Well-crafted content is the vehicle through which you tell the story of your organization. And it’s the medium that provides a battle cry to drive donors, staff and other constituents in the same direction. It helps connect the hearts and minds of your constituents to the “why” of your cause. An effective, sustainable nonprofit content strategy also provides a mechanism to connect your donors and volunteers to the front-lines of your cause on an ongoing basis. Modern donors don’t want to give to a faceless institution or to a “program” segment on a pie graph. They want to be implicated in a story bigger than themselves - and they want to feel truly connected to the actual work of the organization. Your organization’s stories and stats from the field (read: content) help create that real, relational link between your donors and the work you are doing.

June 21, 2018, by admin


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Elevation is a web design company that builds websites for nonprofits. Through services such as web design, UX consulting, copywriting, SEO & SEM, and more, we help nonprofits spread their missions online most effectively.

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