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What are Google Grants?

What could your nonprofit do with $10,000 of in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads, an online advertising solution from Google? You could recruit more volunteers, attract more donations and share your story with audiences all over the globe. It’s all possible with Google Ads.


People need to know about your cause in order to donate. With Google Ad Grants, you can further your exposure, increase your website traffic and gain donors.

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Your campaigns will make more individuals aware of your cause and can link them directly to your nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities.

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Every nonprofit has a story behind its vision. With Google Ad Grants you can easily share how your mission came to be and create a lasting impact for future generations.

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Your Guide to Getting Started with Google Ad Grants


Once you’ve used the $10,000 for the month your ads will stop showing up on Google. You won’t be penalized or charged more.

Yes, you can run various campaigns at the same time for different purposes. One campaign might advertise your programming, another a need for volunteers, and a third be dedicated to ongoing fundraising, for example.

Your ads will need to be linked to one (and only one) website domain, which should be the same one that was approved in your initial application.

Google Ads are text-only, keyword-based ads that appear in search results. For more information and a visual example, download our Google Ad Grants guide, above.

The Google Ad Grant is a $10,000/month grant to be used on the Google Ads platform. The grant acts as a monthly credit that recipients can use exclusively for ads on Google. The grant and paid ads use the same Google Ads platform (formerly known as Google Adwords). However, grant recipients’ accounts are held to a stricter set of requirements, as outlined in Google’s Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guide.

Our marketing specialists ensure that your nonprofit meets the requirements to keep your grant valid and available for indefinite use.

The Google Grant maximum is $329 USD a day or $10,000 USD a month.

Applications for the Google Ads program may be rejected if your organization fails to meet the program’s eligibility requirements or the Google Ads account is not correctly configured according to the Account Creation Guide. We ensure that the organizations we partner with are eligible before applying, and we resolve any issues you may experience with your application.

Most applications will be reviewed within 10 business days. If Google requests additional information, we’ll handle the follow-up. You’ll be able to check the status of your application at any time by signing into your Google for Nonprofits account. Once you’re approved we’ll be able to go live with your campaigns.

Elevation has been offering Google Ad Grant management services since late 2018, serving more than 40 nonprofits. All our team members are Google Ads certified. Google has not updated its “Certified Professionals Directory” since early 2018, which is before we began offering this service to our nonprofit partners.

How We Help

Our mission is to increase your online presence so that you can focus on changing the world. Hand off management of your Google Grant and we will maximize its potential.

4.9 out 5 Google Review Rating

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We complete the grant process on your behalf, ensuring any issues flagged by Google are resolved.

Manage Google
Ad Grants

We help manage your $10,000 monthly grant to ensure maximum impact.


We conduct research to determine which keywords are the best match for your audience.


We create compelling ads that get you the highest possible Click Through Rate and traffic to your landing pages.


We send you monthly reports detailing your campaign’s performance and grant impact.


We’ll audit your landing page and offer improvement tips to help maximize your campaign potential.

Results We´ve Achieved

Case Study

girl wearing a Dreamscape Tshirt
Dreamscape logo

Dreamscape Foundation requested help in order to take full advantage of the Google Ad Grant after they were specially recognized to receive up to $40,000. We helped them ensure grant compliance, navigate the changes Google announced in 2018, and most importantly, generate interest in their mission by increasing traffic to their site.

New Users ↑1,369% Avg CTR ↑58.8%

Case Study

young man at OSBI holding up his artwork

During #GivingTuesday, OSBI discovered with Elevation’s help that they could increase traffic to their website by not mentioning #GivingTuesday by name. Google Ad Grants and other strategic digital marketing has allowed OSBI to expand its programming to reach 600 adults with disability each day.

Funding Allocated ↑800% Site traffic ↑10X

Our Plans

Are you interested in Google Ads? Find the plan that’s right for you.

Premium $ 699 USD if billed monthly $ 629 USD SAVE 15% each month by paying annually
  • Multilingual National or International Campaigns (Spanish, French
  • Initial Account Setup or Existing Account Audit
  • Initial Landing Page Consultation with Recommendations
  • Keyword Research and/or Analysis for more than 200 keywords
  • Dedicated SEM Account Manager
  • SEM Management and Optimization for Grant Retention
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Dual Implementation (Up to 5 Tags)
  • Marketing Science, including split testing and A/B testing
  • Content Advisor (copywriting not included)
  • Access to an Interactive Data Dashboard
  • Monthly Account Planning (Conversion tracking, Data Analysis)
  • Monthly Account Health Check Point
  • Monthly Performance Call + Report
  • Micro-site Management (Up to 4, pending Google’s policy)
  • Retargeting Campaigns, including audience creation and management
  • Maintenance of up to 8 Active Campaigns per month, with unlimited Ad Groups and Ads.
  • Complete Grant Application Process (given Google’s basic eligibility criteria; read more at https://www.google.com/grants/eligibility/)
  • PLUS Facebook/Instagram Consultation (one-time Business Manager audit)
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Starter $ 399 USD if billed monthly $ 359 USD SAVE 10% each month by paying yearly
  • Regional or National Campaigns
  • Initial Account Setup or Existing Account Audit
  • Initial Landing Page Consultation with Recommendations
  • Keyword Research and/or Analysis for up to 100 keywords
  • SEM Management and Optimization for Grant Retention
  • Account Management Support
  • Monthly Account Health Check Point
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Maintenance of up to 3 Active Campaigns per month, adding up to 3 Ad Groups with 2 Ads per group each month
  • Complete Grant Application Process (given Google’s basic eligibility criteria; read more at https://www.google.com/grants/eligibility/)
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General Conditions

No refunds upon cancellation of subscription. All cancellations of the monthly plan during the first six (6) months of the subscription will be subject to a cancellation fee of six (6) months of monthly fees less the number of months already paid.

Still Have Questions?

We are happy to assist you. Speak to an expert and learn how your nonprofit can benefit with Elevation on your team!