Elevation provides a wide range of web and media solutions, but it’s more than that. At Elevation our culture is our brand. Our team members are professional and efficient. We communicate candidly in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Elevation was founded on the desire to live in a better world. Our team is committed to giving their best and being their best, inside and outside of work. Non-profit organizations get the maximum return on their investment when they work with Elevation. In turn, our clients can accomplish the most good.

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Up to Date Website For Non Profit Organizations

Websites are a unique media, available world over, at any time of day or day of the week.  They are a critical link between non profit organizations and their donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries.  We know the importance of having an easy-to-use web presence, with a custom design and modern features.  Non profit websites need to be user friendly, easily navigable, and use the ideal fonts, size, colors, and other essential design elements. Our non profit web design services are crafted to help your organization make the best impression on your client and thus boost your nonprofit organization’s visibility, number of visitors, and amount of donations.

An appealing, Up-to-Date Website is crucial to transform visitors’ passing curiosity into keen interest.  Your custom website helps build the relationships necessary to capture lifelong advocates and communicate effectively.

Non profits can manage their website “in-house.”  No, you don’t need to write “computer language” or code.  Elevation Content Management System (CMS) is user friendly, reliable software that gives you total control of your new website.  Making changes in-house saves time and money.  You are allowed the freedom to respond to change as quickly as possible.

With our CMS it is easy to update, create, and delete virtually any area of the website (content, photos, news, and events) at no charge.  Because the site operates on your server, you don’t pay any monthly fees.

Some features available:

  • Custom design
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Create, modify, and delete content
  • News Manager
  • Memberships
  • Calendar
  • Integrated, Online Donation System
  • Online Forms System
  • Polling
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Image / Photo Gallery
  • Video Player - embedded videos
  • User authenticated pages
  • Site search
  • Site optimized for search engines (SEO ready)
  • Job Opportunities Manager
  • And more…

Elevation is a web designing company committed to non-profits. Our dedicated team specializes in non profit design, web development, content management systems and non profit email marketing solutions. Our knowledge and efficiency in delivering quality non profit web design and web development services has made us one of the most trusted web design companies for non profits


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